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Kaitlyn Velez

Finding a love for her craft when she would write birthday jingles for her friends, the young artist has always
had a passion for storytelling. “Email” is a cathartic cut from Kaitlyn, playfully narrating the end of a romantic
relationship. Rather than allow the protagonist to be consumed by sadness, she comes out on top –
transforming the relationship into nothing more than a business exchange.

“‘Email’ was me trying to tap into a pretty specific and interesting situation one of my friends was in. I really laid
everything out on the table”, Kaitlyn offers. “My friend loves it and I’m pretty interested to see how the boy
reacts to my take of the situation. Fun fact, I haven’t blocked anyone!”

Currently studying at Berklee College of Music, Kaitlyn was also named as the winner of “Write Your
Legacy”, a mentorship contest established by Reebok and Khalid. The once-in-a-lifetime opportunity invited
musicians to share a video explaining what they want their legacy to be and a 60-second sample of their vocal
talent, providing an aspiring singer-songwriter the opportunity to be mentored by Khalid and his producers
Denis Kosiak and Khyire Tyler.

With support from Notion, Women In Pop and LOCK Magazine for her polished soundscapes, “Email” is
further indication of Kaitlyn’s ability to curate relatable, infectious tracks.