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“Tantalisingly dark, with mysterious lyrics and an electrifying sound, the 25 year-olds punky style is a modern interpretation of blues that’ll send shivers down your spine.”


“His uniquely fiery music is intended for individual interpretation. The new angsty effort, Shiver, represents a distinct place that lies between optimism and pessimism – wherever that may be for you.”


With a burning heart, a searing voice and explosive choruses, KEIR is not afraid to play with fire. At 25 years old, the singer-songwriter displays a bright mind and a dark soul, nourished on heartache, Weltschmerz and decades of pop-music history – ready to spit it all back out into the future like fuel on a flame.

KEIR may stand on the shoulders of soul divas and rock gods, but his craft shows no sense of retro fetishism. This is what the blues sounds like in the 21st century, and there’s barely a trace of those worn-out, 12-bar formulas. Instead, KEIR offers simultaneously a distillation and an innovation of that musical ritual: transforming inner turmoil into a tune – not to spread misery but to exorcize demons, and in the best case, incite compassion. The first single “Shiver” is a shining example, a seductive groove that shudders with red-hot, angst-ridden sensuality.

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