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KOTA The Friend

“Kota The Friend is back with a smooth uplifting single “Backyard”, a record that exudes gripping summery energy.  He sure knows how to draw the listener in with his syllable-bending melodic lyricism and highly descriptive style layered over the warm, soothing production.” – Earmilk

KOTA THE FRIEND found his love for music and hip-hop through BET and MTV regularly playing in the background of his youth. Age 9, he was introduced to the trumpet and, noted as a gifted musician by teachers and friends, later went on to teach himself the guitar, bass guitar and keyboard, which led him to music production.

His Palm Tree Liquor EP last year touched on everything from race to nostalgia, the bonafide lyricist has over 18 million combined streams and over 6 million streams on his biggest single to date Alkaline, with many other singles not far behind. His inspirations range from Nas to Jimi Hendrix and he has easily carved a distinct niche which is a sum of his broad influence.

Backyard is about Brooklyn on its best Summer day when all the vibes are right and people just want to get together and have a good time.”