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CASE STUDY: Lisa Ramey – Foretaste

Vocal powerhouse, St. Louis-born, and New York-based artist, Lisa Ramey caught national attention on NBC’s hit music competition show, The Voice, where she performed on Team Legend.

She exudes a gritty soul and passion with a soul-meets-rock vibe that emphatically captures her roots. After headlining alongside Ms. Lauryn Hill, she took her soulful rock artistry to the limit with her debut album, Surrender, which placed #34 on Good Morning America’s “Top 50 Albums of 2020.”


Lisa Ramey has worked with Liberty closely throughout a number of campaigns in the past having conducted a total of 6 campaigns to date. This one showcases the release of ‘Foretaste’ her 6-track EP. The campaign achieved a total of 15 pieces of press through a diverse offering of news features, reviews, interviews and roundups. Key highlights include Fame Magazine, LOCK Magazine, Music News and Notion.


In conjunction with the press campaign, the radio team picked out a focus track from the EP to garner further attention to the release. ‘Better Than That’ was chosen and achieved a total of 130 confirmed radio plays throughout the campaign, seeing airplay on stations throughout the UK, US, Canada, Italy and Brazil to name a few.

A word from the artist…

“Liberty Music was the best decision I’ve made. Chris Jones is dedicated to his artist. He’s always there to answer my questions and guide me to the truth of any situation. He is smart, fun and easy to talk to and makes my job worth pursuing. I recently added Suley Khan to my team and WOW! Chris told me I would love him and he was right again. I am so lucky to have Suley in my corner. He knows what he’s doing with Youtube and it shows. Rich Walker manages to get me on playlist with hundreds of thousands of listeners, and we made Spotify playlists made by Spotify! Big celebrations there. Sam Jones is the reason people ALL OVER the globe are listening to me on the radio! My girl Millie has spread my name and music all over the internet which has got me a ton of new press. Because of all their hard work and dedication, so many people are listening/learning about me. I couldn’t have done it without my team. I am beyond happy and proud of these guys. Onward and upward! Push push puuuuush :)”