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Known for his luxury flows and boasty lyrics, the Berwick Hills born Rapper comes far from a luxurious background. Growing up in the council estates of Middlesbrough, the 26 year old rapper flew the flag for his hometown with his early mixtapes “Common” and “Common 2”, both titled after a slur used to describe the lower-class. Popular tracks like “Celebration”, “Dubai” and “Catch Me If You Can” began to really launch his reputation in his town as a music artist with local slang being mixed with a cheeky style.

Starting out with just freestyle videos on social media the rapper quickly found himself among the big names of his genre with a music video for “Best Wishes” being uploaded to the scenes famous GRM Daily channel. At the time this achievement was unprecedented in the North East of England and he made sure to carry on in the same fashion with music dropping and consistently landing on the scenes big channels and even getting radio plays on DJ Target’s BBC Radio 1 Xtra show with his biggest track to date ‘1 Wish’. 
 With his raw style yet flexing sound, the heavily ambitious Boro boy is looking to go far beyond just the area he represents. Making him one to watch for the new future.