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CASE STUDY: M Dot R – Two Halves

A household name for fans of UK Dancehall, M Dot R entered the scene back in 2016.

He has since been on the rise on social media becoming a TikTok sensation off the back of his 2023 single ‘Turn Red’, which peaked at number 14 on the UK Top 40 Charts. Riding this wave of success M Dot R’s team reached out to Liberty to promote his latest single ‘Two Halves’


Utilising his large online presence, the press team in conjunction with M Dot R’s team devised a release plan to focus on traditional and music-orientated UK publications. Throughout the campaign ‘Two Halves’ achieved a total of 17 publications, key highlights included CLASH Magazine, DMY Magazine, Music-News and Reggaeville to name a few. Overall the campaign achieved its goal of getting key press outlets to support M Dot R’s music, widening his online presence and diversifying the avenues potential fans may find his music, outside of TikTok.


The playlisting campaign resulted on 14 placements, including IGNITE, Skyline, and Zarella Music, earning the song a Spotify Popularity Score of 40.


Playlists Placements

Spotify Popularity Score




Growth in Popularity Score compared to his previous release

29% better score

Average length of playlisting a placement

22% more time