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Marlee Quirarte

Marlee is a Rhythm and Blues Singer-Songwriter based out of Los Angeles, CA. An artist that deserves to be sat at the top of everyone’s playlists, Marlee Quirarte is a songwriter with a vision for stardom.

Heavily influenced by blues from her father growing up, and various genres of music from her two older sisters. She studied performance in college, however most of my life she has been self-taught. Most influenced by rhythm and blues – most of her inspiration comes from artists ranging from Boney James, LTD, Jeffrey Osborne, Prince, Sade, Aaliyah, and the list goes on.

“I write and co-write my own lyrics and melodies, I keep myself sane and I am my biggest fan. I think I need to say this because so many incredibly talented artists are doing it all, and not giving themselves enough credit whilst losing out on faith in their craft.”

A strong advocate in animal rights, veganism and protecting our planet, Marlee shares, “I believe the consumption of animal products is contributing to a less desirable experience on earth, and abusing/taking innocent lives for my own entertainment or pleasure, is a simple absolute NEVER for me.”