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Matt Cleare

“Matt Cleare can do it all; from songwriting, to singing, to instrumentation and production, the Miami raised, Atlanta based artist shines across multiple disciplines – he’s even a trained Muay Thai fighter! His sound borrows from genres like indie pop, alternative rock and sultry R&B to develop a sound that envelopes the listener into his sonic universe. Enlaced by emotion and visionary musings, there is intelligence and thoughtfulness running through Cleare’s work.

Matt has announced the release of Butterfly Twist!, his highly anticipated forthcoming EP, which looks set to be an amalgamation of his musical progression, and raise his profile further out into the wider alternative scene. We have now been gifted with the first teaser from the project, “4000!”, a groove-laden generic mismatch that pushes Cleare out into the glorious waters of creative resonance. Backed by an acoustic led, bouncy instrumental, the singer stuns with his range and individual tone. ” – WONDERLAND MAGAZINE