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Matt Ó

“Catchy hooks and lo-fi instrumentation is his bread and butter, along with his knack for finding the best artists to work with that suit his own voice.” – Hot Press.

Having made a name for himself as one half of alternative hip-hop duo Tebi Rex with the release of two studio albums, UK/EU tours and appearances at festivals like SXSW, Eurosonic and The Great Escape, Matt Ó has begun to now make a name for himself as an artist in his own right.

Here’s what his upcoming EP means to him: When I was 12, my teacher gave us a writing exercise. Anything we wanted. I knew he loved history. I personally was’t a fan at all. Still, I went for it, and I wrote an absolute piece of garbage for him. His words, not mine. “I can tell that you wrote about Irish history because you thought I’d like it. Instead, you should write about what you know – not what you think others are interested in. That’s where you get something special, where you find the best art.

“That’s what this tape is to me. It’s what I’ve come to know best; myself. I’m soft, I’m unserious, I’m grateful, I’m cheeky, I’m a romanticist, I’m often sad & extremely anxious and at other times entirely confident in who I am and what I can do. I’m a messer.