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Anchored from his love of mellifluous songwriting and timeless melodies, Meekoh has found a way to blend Indie Folk, Reggae, Pop, and Latin music all into his own beautifully cultivated sound!

His story began in 2009 while Busking on the rugged streets of Bend, Oregon. Over the next few years his rise from packed dive bars and street corners quickly turned into sold out festivals and national tours with Platinum artists Shannon Bex (Danity Kane) and Grammy winner Lonnie Chapin.

In 2017, Meekoh moved to LA where he started working with some of the top people in the industry such as, Nick Demoura (Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande), Jason Mater (Disney), HARV (Justin Bieber), Seth Reger (Bruno Mars), and his business partner Daniel Cloud Campos (Collidoscope, The Greatest Showman).

His newest release “From the River” is a song he wrote for the love of his life. “It embodies exactly what I feel in the deepest part of my heart. This song was performed live with real instruments because I wanted to create something that felt real and alive. A symbol of what love has given me.” From folky acoustics to beautifully arranged strings, this is easily one of the best indie folk songs that you’ll ever hear!