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Sarina is a Tokyo-based, bilingual artist fluent in English and Japanese. As a singer-songwriter, Sarina writes and performs her own lyrics and music, and is
highly regarded as a composer. She weaves a compelling narrative with thoughtful, vivid lyrics and captivates audiences with her attractive mezzo-soprano
voice, breathing life into her performances through the use of expressive vocals, expert singing technique and self-accompaniment. She is equally capable of
playing the ukulele, guitar, or piano while singing, and her multi-instrumental talents also include the drums and violin.

Sarina released her debut single, “Identity” on April 1, 2022. With all aspects of the single, including the artwork and music video, produced under her
creative direction, the result is a cohesive experience that embodies Sarina’s personality on all levels. Prior to her debut, Sarina also participated as part of a
vocal unit in “The Song of Triangle Strategy,” the theme song for Square Enix’s new RPG “Triangle Strategy”, which was produced by highly-acclaimed
composer Akira Senju.