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Shallow Pools

Indie pop band shallow pools are an experimental dream. Based in Boston and formed in 2018, the quartet continues to expand on their genre and create their own world of glistening, 80’s-influenced pop. In the two years since their emergence onto the local Boston music scene, shallow pools have been featured on Alternative Press’ “AP Discover” Spotify playlist, opened for national touring acts such as Meg & Dia, and released their 5-track debut EP “spring,” which showcased the band’s glowing energy, stirring lyricism, and instrumental diversity.

2020 has thus far been a year of expansion and growth for shallow pools, releasing 3 new singles and earning music video rotation in Journeys stores nationwide. Alongside their recent sonic re-development, the band strives to encourage inclusivity among their listeners. As members of the LGBTQIA+ community, shallow pools aim to create a safe environment for those to comfortably and uniquely express themselves. Their most recent offering, “afterlight,” encapsulates everything that shallow pools are: vibrant, multidimensional, delightfully their own, and ready to make your acquaintance.