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Siki Daha

Born in Pakistan, raised between Australia and Dubai, Siki Daha is a hugely talented international singer/songwriter whose incredible vocal range is as unique as his music style. Influenced by artists like Sade, Aaliyah, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, & Natalie Imbruglia. 
 Natalie Cole fell in love with his voice and style after he gave her a copy of his demo tape in 2004 along with a personal letter giving him the direction as an artist he needed. 
 His “My World” and the “Love X 4” EP took Siki to London to further pursue his career in the music industry, traveling between Europe and America writing material for his debut album “Equanimity”. With a mixture of influences and sounds taken from his travels in Europe the album tells the story of love, loss and the trials of life. 
 on “Love Or Logic” Siki made history as the first Pakistani to be featured in international magazine “DNA” 
 After releasing a few pop/rnb singles Siki took time to write and record new material which allowed him to find a home for his sound bringing a blend of inspiration and culture on his third album “SIKANDAR” (his real name) 
 “SIKANDAR” shows a mix of r&b beats with traditional south Asian instruments such as the sitar and tablas with sampled vocals from all over Pakistan. 
 After a successful independent tour around Australia promoting SIKANDAR, Siki is hard at work on a follow up album which he hopes to release in 2023.