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Soolking, is an Algerian singer and rapper. He started his career under the pseudonym MC Sool until 2013 before adopting his new stage name. He incorporates reggae, soul, hip hop and Algerian raï in his music.

Derradji was born in Algeria in a northern suburb of the capital Algiers, also known as Staouali. His father was a percussionist and he started very young in a rock band incorporating music and dance. He arrived in France in 2008, but returned to Algeria to be included in the Algerian rap formation Africa Jungle. The band released two albums.

He started his solo career in 2016 and is signed to the label Affranchis Music launched by Sofiane. He had an initial success with “Milano” and “Guérilla” before a phenomenal success with “Dalida”,[1] an homage to the singer Dalida, sampling her hit “Paroles, paroles”.[2] On 2 November 2018, Soolking released his debut solo album Fruit du démon that was certified Gold in France. The singles “Guérilla” and “Dalida” were certified Platinum.