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Trey Makai

Trey Makai is a 13-year-old actor and public figure from Salt Lake City in Utah. Over the past few months, this multi-faceted talent has accumulated over 3 million followers on his personal TikTok, 533,000 followers on Instagram and 148,000 followers on his blooming YouTube channel. Trey Makai aspires to dedicate his blossoming career toward singing, acting and dancing whilst releasing his debut single ‘Full Speed Falling’, set for release on July 21st.

Opening with Trey Makai’s glistening vocals, ‘Fall Speed Falling’ unveils a track that is powered by captivating lyrics and bouncing atmospherics. A bubbling bassline flawlessly combines with soaring synths and energetic builds for a highly-impressive debut release from the emerging talent.

’’Full Speed Falling is a track about falling in love and the feelings involved with a first crush and the lengths you would go for them” – Trey Makai