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Velvet Sunset


French indie rock band, Velvet Sunset, have returned with a grunge fueled new release ‘Cherry Bomb’ and it’s ear-candy music that melts the problems away.

Composed of Eléonore on vocals and Max on guitar and bass, the duo have always been drawn to indie, rock, trip-hop and acoustic and it shows in this new release.

Inspired by The Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Vines, Velvet Underground… the duo have always used those inspirations and their own sound to create music.

Whether it was Eléonore writing and singing from the age of seven or Max loving and playing guitar, the duo have music running through their blood. The band released their first album with their namesake in 2019 and have enjoyed creating atmospheric, yet exciting music that flows perfectly within genres. Their second album « Down the Road » came out in June 2020.

The self-taught musicians have released ‘Cherry Bomb’ with the free-flowing idea of being in love, but show off the talent they have perfected over the years with grunge influenced vibes.

‘Cherry Bomb’ provides the much needed slow, melodic tones whilst keeping in touch with the guitar licks that everyone can enjoy as the duo are becoming something to admire.