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WHO SHOT SCOTT is the new alternative hip hop project by Iraqi born, New Zealand bred artist/producer Zee (Zaidoon Nasir). His heavy use of experimental production techniques combined with immensely vulnerable and transparent lyrics make WHO SHOT SCOTT one of the most unique and thrilling new artists that you should be watching very closely in 2021.

Seeing Zee step into a new era of sound following on from his former work as part of duo Times x Two, MERCY is a demonstration of a gifted and visionary artist finding his own voice and authenticity with mouth-watering style. The lyrics are witty and cleverly strung together, punctuated by sly humour adding some levity to Zee’s heavier messages.

Featuring an eclectic blend of weighty synths and tribal drums, the magnetic punch and appeal of WHO SHOT SCOTT’s unique and singular sound is the result of Zee connecting with his creative core and adhering steadfastly to his personal truths, rather than manufacturing a product to fit within a particular market: it’s an unapologetic, stand-tall ode to the triumph of true self.