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“YOUANDI, the Dutch singer and songwriter, brings a fresh perspective to the contemporary R&B scene. Born and raised in Amsterdam with a heritage spanning from South America to Europe, her music is a fusion of cultures, sounds, and influences. With her cinematic, soul-directed sound and experimental touches, YOUANDI’s music creates a mystical but light atmosphere, captivating audiences with her playful and sometimes melancholic storytelling.

Her warm, exploratory, profound, and moving sound is a reflection of her innermost thoughts, inspired by her subconscious observations of the world around her. Since releasing her first single in 2018 with Dutch producer ChalĂ©, YOUANDI has continued to add multiple singles to her repertoire, culminating in her latest singles ‘in too heavy’ and ‘vices,’ which offer a glimpse into her upcoming debut album, set to be released in the lush spring of 2023.