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Youngs Teflon

South London rapper Youngs Teflon was prolific in the early stages of his career. His career really began to take hold around 2010, the year he released both the Call of Duty and Over the Head mixtapes, both of which were released on Hill Productions — home to many of the producers whom Youngs Teflon utilized for his beats.

Later he would go on to release the majority of his projects independently. After a string of further mixtapes Teflon released his debut album, The Renaissance, in 2014; opting to branch out he sought young producers from South London who weren’t a part of his social circle. In 2015, he continued his busy release schedule with two more mixtapes and the Jungle Book EP, the latter of which was released via¬†Trillin Records.

With no intention of slowing down, Youngs Teflon put together two mixtapes in early 2016, titled January Sales and March Madness. Summer 2016 saw the release of his second full-length album, Tracksuit Diaries, which climbed to the fifth position on the U.K. album charts. ~ Liam Martin, Rovi