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Rex Evans

Song: ‘Lil Shawty’
Campaign Length: 1 Month
Total View: 1.2+ million
Total Videos: 40

Rex Evans is an Atlanta native, nurtured and influenced by Southern culture. A multi-faceted artist, his background of music was shaped through his familial ties – with his mother Debra Killings a staple within the Atlanta music scene. With a diverse sonic palette, his artistic style is a unique blend of pop and soul.

For his earlier release this year titled ‘Lil Shawty’, we developed a campaign that focused on a minute long audio clip from ‘Lil Shawty’. The soundbite was focused on the captivating lyrics within the hook that goes “That’s my lil shawty”.

For the campaign around ‘Lil Shawty”, we wanted to use TikTok in order to engage with influencers, as a means of promoting and organically driving traffic and streams to the song, in an era where music based TikTok content is on the decline. Coupled with this, ‘Lil Shawty’ is a more slow-tempo song with sound more outside of the mainstream. Thus, it encountered the difficulty of garnering the engagement of influencers, and also the obstacle of how it would be utilised for the more traditional music campaigns. As a result, we would have to be strategic about our campaign, and reach out to a niche and diverse group of influencers. 


Our solution was to ensure we capitalised on a diverse and broad scope of influencers in order to ensure we reached a sufficient and larger volume of influencers. This saw a successful ROI on the number of responses and engagement from influencers, and subsequently, the number of videos posted to TikTok.

Over the course of late august and early September, we reached out to various TikTok influencers who posted a total 40 videos with the sound on their TikToks by the end of the campaign. Overall, we were able to get a 24% response rate from pitches. These videos accumulated over 1.2+ million views across all videos on the platform, generating a significant amount of organic traffic and engagement.