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Indiana’s debut album ‘No Romeo’ was quoted as being ‘thought provoking pop perfection’ (Guardian), receiving critical acclaim and rave reviews across the industry. Indiana saw this first attempt as a learning curve, allowing herself to develop as an artist. Now back as an independent artist, after cutting ties with her management and label Indiana is building a new team as she works towards releasing her second album.

With new single ‘Caroline’ the lyrics are poignant and succinct, yet with a path that is far more narrative-driven. Indiana’s voice is beautiful. The production on this track really earns her a place amongst some of the pop greats charting today. ‘Caroline’ is a single that could round off a night, whilst staring into the dawning of another day. 

Indiana continues to demonstrate her creative talents for this latest release ‘Caroline’ as she is fully responsible for writing and editing the visual to support the song, something she will be continuing to do throughout the record.

“The video to Caroline was always going to be dark given the premise of the song itself. I always want to be able to provoke an emotion out of the viewer. I want to make you feel uncomfortable, I want to make you think”.

There are songs on the record that, on the surface are definitely more pop than anything Indiana has ever written before, a natural progression for her as a writer. But yet the lyrics are still integral, with meaning and depth in Indiana’s true signature style.