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Tara Macri

Song: ‘Excuses’
Campaign Length: 1 Month
Total View: 1.1+ million
Total Videos: 82

Tara Macri is a Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter and actress who has been featured on stage and screen. Known for creating power-pop anthems, her talent and incomparable voice have transcended across mainstream music charts and vibrant Broadway stages. 

For her newest release entitled ‘Excuses’, we worked with our Liberty Influencers to develop a campaign, playing off the catchy lyrics of the chorus that went “1, 2, 3, 4, 5 excuses…”. 

For the campaign around Tara’s song ‘Excuses’, we wanted to use TikTok to highlight, promote and get audiences to engage with the new single during a time where music based TikTok’s are on the decrease. With a more sombre and slow-tempo, this was a more unusual song to be promoting on the platform. And it encountered the difficulty of how it would be utilised for the more traditional music campaigns – that centre on dance-based and “how to” content – and the appeal of the song to this demographic of influencers. Hence we would have to be more strategic and tenacious with the volume of outreach, and be prepared to pivot our approach.

Our solution to this was to be more active and broad with our outreach – ensuring we reached out to a larger volume of people, and a wider audience. This saw a ROI that was able to match the success of previous campaigns, despite a slight decrease in engagement from influencers overall. 

We also made greater use of our existing network of influencers, as opposed to solely focusing on cold connection outreach, where we had already established relationships and built up a rapport. Hence, there was a much greater and positive response rate. As with most of our campaigns, we gave the influencers creative control which meant that each video fitted within with their particular niche and sat seamlessly on their TikTok feed.

By the halfway mark of the campaign, we managed to reach the targets that we would usually hit by the end of a campaign. Having reached out to a network of 300 influencers, we had a response rate of 27, with a total of 49 videos posted and 10 pending. Overall, the combined views of the influencer’s videos racked up a total of 839.8K views. Primarily, a large percentage of the videos being made were also organic; meaning that the people using the song were finding it themselves rather than being asked by us.

For the latter half of the campaign, as the response rate from cold outreaches decreased; we shifted strategies to apply a more ‘depth-first’ approach, where we focused on handpicking some specific high profile influencers to push the sound and boost engagement.