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The Importance of Press Coverage for Emerging Artists

In this era of shifting audience preferences towards streaming platforms and influencer
recommendations, the relevance of traditional PR methods such as press coverage for
emerging artists has come under scrutiny. As someone who has overseen hundreds of press
campaigns for artists as the Global Press Manager at Liberty Music PR, I can confidently say
that press coverage plays a crucial role in establishing new artists.

The music industry has witnessed an unprecedented influx of releases, with Variety reporting
that over 100,000 new songs are added to DSPs every single day. Given such fierce
competition, how can an emerging artist stand out? Securing a review or an interview feature
from a music industry blog or magazine can provide valuable context to listeners, offering artists
an opportunity to share their unique stories and creative journeys.

While fans may adore the music of popular artists like Harry Styles and Taylor Swift, they also
crave details about their lives and interests. It is through sharing these personal stories that
these artists have cultivated their dedicated fan bases. Unlike streaming platforms or short
TikTok sound clips, press coverage allows artists to convey their narratives and identities,
enabling listeners to delve deeper into their artistry.

Furthermore, establishing an online presence is vital for emerging artists. This presence serves
as a gateway to additional opportunities, as playlist curators, producers, labels, and booking
agencies often conduct online research before considering collaborations. If they find that an
artist has received significant attention from music publications, it positively influences their
decision-making process.

Even publications themselves keep an eye on who other publications are featuring, as they
strive to identify the next big act. Although music publications have faced challenges and had to
adapt to the digital media landscape, their longstanding reputation as authorities on worthwhile
music endures. Audiences trust their opinions and recommendations when seeking new artists
to listen to.

Press coverage also offers the benefit of longevity as it can have a lasting impact on an artist's
career. Articles and features remain accessible online or in print archives, allowing future fans
and researchers to learn about an artist's early career and development. It creates a historical
record of an artist's journey, which can be valuable for documenting their growth and influence
over time.

To summarize, traditional press coverage remains a vital form of PR for emerging artists. While
there are other influential factors in propelling an artist's career, press coverage plays an
integral role in establishing their presence, fostering personal connections with fans, and
positioning them as artists worthy of greater opportunities. In an age where music consumption
is vast and fast-paced, press coverage provides a valuable platform for emerging artists to be
discovered and celebrated.