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5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Attending TGE

As an avid musicophile with a passion for music discovery, you’d expect me to be a veteran of The Great Escape but alas, no – 2019 was my first time. You’ve no doubt heard it all before, but here are my five things I wish I knew before attending the festival, newbie or not.

1. Earplugs are essential, they’ll have them at every venue so grab a few pairs if you forget to pick them up at the next gig. Your ears are why you’re in the industry!

2. You need to meticulously plan to get the most out of it, and the mobile app is where you start. Meetings, networking, conferences and gigs are all happening back to back. You won’t be able to do everything you want and that’s okay, it won’t be your only opportunity.
 Special mention goes to the Social Bikes in Brighton – without them, a lot of my experience wouldn’t have been achieved.

3. Any connection you make is worth it, it might not directly apply to your work right now but soon enough it’ll come in handy, you’re all working for the same cause here; the love of music!

4. Take a chance on things! Whether it’s conferences, meetings or gigs, the ones I went to on a whim, turned out to be the most eye-opening, entertaining and valuable.

5. They’re incredibly fun, yet very long days. Look after yourself by taking rests, making sure you’re always fed and watered and don’t ruin your experience with a killer hangover on the first day (note: not speaking from personal experience for the latter…).

Bring on next year, let’s hope I take my own advice.