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Top Tips for Music Business Students – How to Progress

If you are passionate about music and want to work in the music business, then there is no better time to start. During my time at Uni, I got involved with a number of different projects in order to gain experience in the music industry, which led me to my current position as an intern/A&R Executive at Liberty Music PR. Now that I’ve finished my degree, I would like to offer you my top 6 tips for studying and interning in the music business!


1) Subscribe to Music Business Worldwide and CMU Daily. Keep yourself informed of what is going on with the music industry. Music Business websites, blogs and magazines also list potential job opportunities, internships and networking events.

2) Network and make meaningful relationships. Don’t just see people as dollar signs or opportunities; instead approach each person you meet as a potential colleague, confidant or lifelong friend.

3) Ensure that you are active in your local music scene. Get down to shows, meet people, stay until the last act has finished their set, meet some more people; network, network, network!

4) Volunteer for events and festivals. If your place of study is in Brighton, the annual Great Escape Festival has to be one of the most exciting times of year. Volunteering and being part of The Great Escape, each year has provided me with countless opportunities, vital learning experience, and made a number of lifelong friends.

5) Be realistic with how much you can do. Whilst, getting real industry experience is vital, it’s important not to forget about your studies and nothing is more important than taking care of your own physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

6) Time management. More accurately self-management. To ensure that you are achieving your personal and professional goals and hitting your deadlines; it’s
imperative that you maintain a standard of self-discipline, a time management regime (such as calendar, a diary and Steven Covey’s Time Management Matrix) and to tie in to the point above, a healthy lifestyle.

Overall make sure you have fun!
We at Liberty Music PR and I hope you find these top 6 tips useful and we look forward to seeing some of you around the Brighton music scene, or as a potential internship applicants or as potential artists!

By Danielle Reginiano