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International Womens Day: Natasha Hurford

This months Liberty Music PR podcast is a special edition centred around International Womens Day on March 8th.

Ahead of the podcast recording, we caught up with a few of the panel members.

Natasha Hurford is sitting on the panel and is a Playlisting Assistant.

What is your role at liberty?  

I work in the Playlisting department and assist on the campaigns that are running along with building our curator contact base. I have also been assisting on the running of the events for Liberty and worked on the Future of Music event which we had around 90 attending via Zoom. I am learning everyday which I love!!!!

What motivates you and gets you ready for a day of working? 

I trick myself into a commute! I currently am trying to get out and have a walk before I start working for the day to trick my brain into thinking im going to work. I also have my favourite go to playlists that make me feel positive and ready to go!

Why is it important that more women hold leadership roles?

I think that it is important for younger generations of girls to see women in leadership roles, so they grow up knowing it is not just men in them roles and it becomes the norm.

Who are some women that inspire you?

I really look up to the chef Nadiya Hussain, I love how she is such an advocate for mental health and has done shows and books around this. She is also so open about her background and the struggles she has faced around being from an ethnic minority and that upbringing in the UK.  Also on a more personal note, my mum. She has such a high pressure job and has raised 3 children while doing the job too and I find that so inspirational.

What women-related myths or taboos need to be broken? 

I think that we need to scrap just the boundaries of roles being for men and for women. Women in care roles and men in construction roles etc. I think on my earlier point, this can be damaging to younger generations and things wont change if we dont look at core issues like this.

Are you a part of any industry networks or groups for women? 

I am! I love the Women in CTRL network, they do various talks on Clubhouse that I have found really interesting around the paygap and the toxicity of social media. I also love the Little Pink Book social media pages around being a woman in music.

Take a listen to the podcast here