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International Womens Day: Noor Ayoub

This months Liberty Music PR podcast is a special edition centred around International Womens Day on March 8th.

Ahead of the podcast recording, we caught up with a few of the panel members.

Noor Ayoub is sitting on the panel and is an A&R Executive.

What is your role at liberty?  

A&R Executive. Listening to independent artists who have put themselves forward in need of  PR, which I would need to review each artist and make sure that they are suitable for Liberty’s  business model and contacts that we have build relationships for the last 5 years. Along with also searching for new artists either big or small that catch my attention and build a relationship  from that to engage if they are in need of PR from a specialised team as most independent artists I speak with have a 9-5 job along with creating the material, so finding the time to do the business side of things can be overwhelming for that artist. 

What motivates you and gets you ready for a day of working? 

I wake up at 6am Monday-Friday and do an 1 hour and half workout session, either it being a 10k run or weights, or even rollerskating which last year I started taking up. This really helps me get all the anxiety and tension out, ready to take on the day!

Why is it important that more women hold leadership roles? 

Look at Jacinda Ardern the president of New Zealand and how she has been able to manage the covid crisis, a perfect example of why it is important for women to hold leadership roles!

Diversity in leadership is good for business. skills that come easily to women,  such as determination, attention to detail and measured thinking. The female  brain is naturally wired for long-term strategic vision and community building. 

For the first time, we’re seeing examples of female leaders emerging from across the generations to cross-weave their knowledge and drive for change.  If we take the environment and climate as an example, someone as  experienced and respected as Jane Goodall is standing alongside teenage activists like Greta Thunberg. Importantly, there are now ambitious and  capable women running influential organisations who can activate physical change through technology and policy.  

Who are some women that inspire you? 

My mum is the key for me, as raised from a single parent household, she and my 3 other  siblings were raised by my mum, my dad was around but he was pilot and didn’t live in the UK  so didn’t see him as much. But the fact on her own she managed to buy a house, have 4 jobs at  the same time and raise us 3 at the same time, shows strength to me.

As the quorn says “paradise lies at your mothers feet”

What women-related myths or taboos need to be broken? 

That no matter what the role is either physical labor or office based, we can take it on and  manage it, if a women wants to be a builder or a footballer then hell yeh go for it, you do you. I  think the media plays a major part where we grow and watch adverts and programs where the  males do the crafting and the women either stay at home or do the “pretty” things. I think having  shown more on the media women taking male dominated roles, this can inspire a little girl to be whatever she feels and chooses to do.  

Are you a part of any industry networks or groups for women? 

Me personally no, but I am a part of supporting and celebrating my lady friends either it being in  their personal or professional moments in their life. I love to encourage, support and empower  other women. My core best friends are very strong willed, very independent ladies who I adore  greatly and when we are all together there is nothing stopping us. Behind every successful  woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.

Take a listen to the podcast here