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Creative Partnerships

We are constantly sourcing and developing exciting opportunities for our artists, with a dedicated following, to work with brands across Fashion, Tech, Lifestyle and other markets. These opportunities could be through gifting, creative campaigns, styling and higher scale collaborations. We offer these opportunities to artists that fit the ethos of the brand, ensuring a strong relationship and synergy within the partnership. Our creative partnerships are designed with the brand’s demographic in mind as well, by connecting the right artist to the right brand.

We also work across Live Sessions and In Store events, curating music for high street brands and pitching artists for branded sessions. We work creatively through these campaigns to ensure the content produced reflects the style and aesthetic of the artist, and appeals to their target demographic.

Mavi Phoenix Campaign Report

Tour promotion
15 x micro influencers 10k-80k followers
Over 200 tickets sold


“Liberty has been such a pleasure to work for Fishbach. They are very attentive and help throughout the entire campaign process to ensure each release reaches its full potential. We’ve seen some amazing success, especially on the Spotify end. Looking forward to continuing our work with Liberty!”
Sony France

Etta Bond Campaign Report

Single: ‘Surface’
Current Streams: 986,981
Premiere: Complex

Key Stats

Single: ‘Surface’
Over 900+ Instagram Stories
1.2 million reach
unique campaign hashtag


Press Features

Line Of Best Fit
GRM Daily
We Plug Good Music
Daily Motion
Warm & Easy
Conversations About Her

28 Pieces of coverage
450m online readership
480k estimated views
160 social shares
116k YouTube views
34 avg domain authority

Marcel Somerville Viral Campaign Report

Single: ‘They Wanna Know’
Over 100+ Instagram Stories
1.5 million reach
unique campaign hashtag

Key Stats

Total Posts Generated: 200
Total Reach 1.5 Million
Global Outreach
Coverage: 64 Pieces
Radio Play: Kiss FM
Over 100+ Instagram Stories, including unique hashtag