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Ashley Levin

She has already begun to make waves with her latest single ‘If’. With its bold and expressive flow, there is no wonder why so many are beginning to latch onto the young frontwoman. When The Horn Blows

There’s an impressive line of collaborators and cohorts in Ashley Levin’s musical landscape. Singing and dancing since she was 3 years of age, Ashley moved to Los Angeles from Miami, Florida for her music career has had her sights set on honing a singular voice ever since. 

Currently playing showcases in and around Los Angeles and promoting her own music, she also works as a session singer for TV & movies to pay the bills but the focus, however, is on pursuing her ambition to flourish as a solo artist.  With a sound firmly rooted in pop and RnB Ashley has topped off a busy year and moved into 2020 with a track that’s simultaneously uplifting and portentous – she’s clearly not waiting around – and this perfect 3 minutes of pop makes you wonder if she is indeed destined for arena-sized ‘Ariana Grande’ audiences. 


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