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“…Her take on the topics of love, loss and self-empowerment, and wrap it all up in a wave of euphoric and enticing electro-pop that also manages to pay homages to her influences in the 80s synth-pop scene.” – LOCK

Singer-songwriter, CALICA, is a breath of fresh air in today’s pop scene. Whether she’s giving listeners a sassy depiction of a breakup, or eloquently expressing complex emotions, CALICA connects with her audience like no other. Her smooth and angelic vocals draw you in while the groovy and deep sounds keeps you wanting more. Born and raised in Miami, Florida, CALICA began her musical career taking piano and singing lessons at the early age of six. After attending a performing arts high school and the University of Miami Frost School of Music, CALICA greatly expanded her musical prowess and began to find her sound. With these experiences she took her talents to a new frontier. CALICA’s debut album, “Yes, It’s About You,” gives listeners a refreshing take on love, loss, and self-empowerment. Written about all of the people and past experiences that have shaped her identity, the album is an expressive blend of modern sounds and nostalgic influences. The album was released on September 20th.