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Lui Peng

Gossamer R&B with a heavenly chorus, the slinky piano notes that counterpoint the gilded electronics make for something wholly beautiful.Clash Magazine

Arriving from China at just nine years old, British-Chinese singer Lui Peng always had a wildly creative side that complimented his affinity for music. He took his first steps on his journey into the fore at 19, sharing covers on YouTube, displaying a raw artistic side with an acoustic approach to a variety of Pop songs. His passion navigated into studying music production at Abbey Road, with his sound now existing between the worlds of synthetic and organic, similarly to his inspirations existing between Asian and Western European culture.

He paints a dreamy landscape with his unique aperture on Pop, connecting deeply with fans across a broad spectrum. Previous tracks We Will Be Okay, Just go and You hit a handful of streaming milestones including reaching Spotify curated playlists ‘Fresh Finds’, New Music Friday in Japan and Turkey, ‘Going Home’ and ‘Alternate Life’, as well as popular independent playlists including the likes of Majestic Casual and Guten Morgen – all resulting in a total of over one million hits.

No Rush builds on the successes of previous tracks by leaning more heavily into his electronic side with a crisp Electro Pop production. Subtle flavours of contemporary R&B give a unique twist to the overall vibe and altogether provide a solid foundation for Lui to demonstrate a smooth melodic flow via his distinctive timbre. Laidback soft synths bring a summery aesthetic to the table, and the head nodding rhythm is off set by Lui’s chilled vocal performance which executes the infectious mood with finesse.