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“Sharky, a new voice with an innovative sound, boasts a range and power that few can hold a candle to. ”


“Her cadence is like that of a lounge singer but in Pop form.”


Cause and Effect is the brand new single by London-based Singer, Sharky, a sweet and funky four-minute wonder from her upcoming EP. Boasting a spectacular voice with range and power, Sharky is backed by the distinctive production of Speakman Sound, a producer duo of brothers Todd and Guy Speakman who combine UK bass music with atmospheric sounds and deeply infectious rhythms.

Sharky’s voice acts almost like its own instrument as her vocals slide from one syllable and word to the next, creating a silky and smooth melodic line against an accomplished jazz/funk/soul musical backdrop. A change to a slower tempo occurs which goes on to build in tension before returning to the track’s energetic musical section.