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Tropic Harbour

“A potent, distinct, and highly individual pop vision”


“..a hazy pop adventure worth every step”

Kick Kick Snare


Our Spotify Achievements – ‘Can’t Pretend’:


Spotify Japan’s Newest Pop Mix (20,000 followers)

Spotify Canada’s New Music Friday (170,000 followers)

Spotify Canada’s Indie All Stars (85,000 followers)

Spotify’s Weekly Buzz playlist (500,000 followers)

Spotify France’s Une Semaine, Une Playliste (4000 followers)

‘Can’t Pretend’ also featured in Spotify Charts’ Japan Viral 50


Tropic Harbour is the musical brainchild of Edmonton-based dream pop artist Mark Berg, who labels the project as a ‘utopian space constructed for peace of mind’; not just invented for the benefit of the listener, Berg’s music also provides a haven from the wintery conditions of his home town.

2017 saw Berg release the track New Life – one that became a featured track on Hype Machine and earned more than 20,000 plays on Spotify. Coming to the year’s end is his new song Can’t Pretend. Written and produced by Berg and mastered by Luke Pretty of fellow Canadian act Tennyson, the composition is a positive sign of the music to come from Tropic Harbour in 2018.

Lasting for a well-spent three minutes, Can’t Pretend gently floats on a breeze carried by lilting drum machine work and delicate guitar strums and licks coated in reverb. Berg’s rhythmic and laidback vocal delivery goes hand in hand alongside the chilled instrumentation, providing an nostalgic and contemplative soundscape to the song’s introspective lyricism.