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“The Zenith of 80s new wave.” – AV Club

Formed in 2015, Vacances, is the brainchild of Danny Lannon (formerly from The Frail), and production and songwriting partner Alex Fitts (The Kickdrums). The duo soon realised they were on to something special with the project and Danny moved from San Francisco to New York last year to focus exclusively on working alongside Alex on their EP Strangers.

Deciding to take a unique approach to the EP, Danny and Alex packed up, left the comfort of their New York lives, and headed to Europe to write. Traveling through Spain, Portugal and Morocco while taking in new experiences allowed them time to reflect on the expense of their lives in New York compared to traveling through incredible and inspiring cultures for essentially the same cost.

With no preconceived notion for the EP, they took an organic approach, letting everything flow naturally. However, one rule Alex likes to stick by when working is “no refe­rences!” Danny explained, “If I bring in a song that I like or look at as inspiration, we just stop right there and toss it out, Alex really helped to make sure things come from a place that we created and not something that was too heavily influence by another artist.”

Single ‘Hearts’ is an indie electro-pop lover’s dream, with tight lyrics and an undeniably catchy, groove-infused beat and is a perfect introduction to what else this powerhouse duo has in store.