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5 Questions with… BIBC

1. Please share with us the meaning behind your name ‘BIBC’?

BIBC Stands for Born In Between Colours. It represents my mixed heritage, but I think everyone can relate to the concept in their own way. Being in between two worlds, trying to find your own.

2. Do you have any daily rituals or process which puts you in a creative mood?

Not really. I have daily rituals to keep my body and spirit in a good state, but nothing to “put me in a creative mindset”. I really just enjoy creating (Music, art, visuals etc.). That’s usually what my days revolve around.

3. lyrics first or the instrumentals first? What’s your writing process like?

That really depends on what I’m working on, and what mood I’m in. I’m always writing lyrics/making beats/mixing, so it’s not necessarily two separate stages for me. I think that’s the biggest difference between artists who also makes their own music and artists who write on beats they’ve been given. It’s more about the creating process as a whole. I enjoy all of it.

4. Do you have any artists or people you look up to or are inspired by?

So many. My parents have always been an important part of my life. In terms of creativity, I love people who stay true to their own expressions whether it is through conventional/unconventional ways of expressing. Artists like Andre 3K or FKA Twigs, are two that come to mind. My team also inspires me a lot. I’m surrounded by so much talent, and I can’t wait until everyone’s ready to share their own stories with the world.  

5. What track means the most to you from your 2019 album ‘It’s a beautiful struggle’ and is there a story behind it?

I have a new favorite track every month… At the moment it’s probably “monkeys”. The EP “highlights the highs & the lows in our lives right now. The beauty in the struggle. I guess monkey is a part of the struggle, and that’s still a very current theme for us. I’m sure I’ll be bumpin’ Lifebythewater in two years’ time when I’m sippin’ some gin with my lady, far away on a beach somewhere, fresh off tour. But at the moment I got rent to pay.

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