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Influencer Marketing – The Rise Of Something ‘New’

Working in a department which realistically didn’t exist ten years ago is an adventure in its own. Influencer marketing is the baby of our business and a new element to explore in the marketing world. Having been used in fashion, products and furnishing for a few years now, it is still fresh to the music industry and is something we are proud to offer as a service.

Along with running a totally new service this type of marketing turns heads in many directions. Post- attending conferences regarding this trade, it’s still obvious to me that elder generations are set in their ways and don’t quite understand the impact this can have. It leaves me questioning how can I change that? How can we make this business work in a way that will prove to these people that this service IS WORTH IT.

“The reality is that old-school, traditional marketing centered on TV and radio just isn’t as effective as it used to be. So brands are focusing their efforts on the places where their audiences are spending their time online, and often on social media.” Deep Patel – 05/12/18

Social media is a privilege, although it has its downsides (as does everything,) we need to learn to use this free system that we are all open to using, to our advantage. Make the most out of these platforms with some of the highest user numbers in the world and dominate it. Influencer marketing shows some of the best results in all areas- one post from an influencer with high engagement could offer somebody’s track exposure to over fifty thousand people, to get this type of recognition else where could cost you fortunes- so why would you not take it up?