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TikTok is an online social networking platform and app, that allows users to create, watch and share short form videos of up to 15 seconds. Drawing on different content types, the platform lends itself to the creation of music, comedy, lifestyle and sports led videos, with a focus and impetus on creating viral and trend-based content. TikTok has rapidly become the fastest growing social media platform, with many influencers, content creators and consumers gravitating towards the app.

With a significant feature and element of TikTok, and the content posted on the platform, being music centred, the platform can be used to help promote artists’ new music. Teaming up with the rapidly expanding network of influencers utilising the app, TikTok can be a fundamental platform to distribute and promote music directly to audiences – in a new and innovative manner – while increasing engagement with the music, and inspiring the promotion of unique and organic user generated content.